Simon Roberts

Photography Mapped — Interactive

Photography Mapped

Photography mapped is a project that simplifies the fundamentals of manual photography.

Interactive Tool

I created this interactive tool using Javascript and snapsvg (this is a javascript library which enables you to code drawings directly in the browser).

More Information

Read about the screen printed graphic or visit to play with the tool.

Project Feedback

Leave it to a graphic designer to clearly visualize the complicated inner-workings of your digital camera in a way that actually makes sense.
Roberts's hands-on infographic, simulates the experience of making a photo, and lets you explore how settings relate to each other. Your phone, while powerful, hides these relationships. Photography Mapped delightfully unmasks it.

For most of the day, it was the number 1 most read story on

A great photography resource for beginners that is both simple and useful [...] the little touches are what set this apart.